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A music promotion tool for musicians who need results, not just exposure.

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A music promotion tool for musicians who need results, and not just exposure.

Hello and welcome to the Music Promoter.

My name is Dexter Nelson. I am a musician and composer, and founder of Echoingwalls ™ Music.

And I have a couple of questions for you.

Are you a musician that's tired of the same, worn out, "free" marketing solutions out there that barely work, or doesn't work at all?

Are you sick of time-sucking "point and click" software that promise fast and easy results, but are more likely to get you banned for spamming?

Are you frustrated with those cheap services that promise you'll reach thousands of "real people", but they turn out to be fake traffic and a waste of money?

And finally...

Don't you wish there was a way to get professional-level results, without the professional-level price?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then keep reading to the end, because I'm going to give you free access to a powerful new tool that gets you meaningful results in a way that you've never seen before.

Of course, you know I can't legally guarantee or promise you any kind of results, but I know for a fact that the strategies this tool uses work and have be used to create massive results for others, (myself included).

I call it the Music Promoter.

In a nutshell, the Music Promoter is a suite of marketing tools that focuses on getting you real results instead of just exposure.

Now, this is important, because most of the music industry is built on getting you exposure, but that doesn't mean you will make any money.

Think about it.

Doesn't it get you mad when a restaurant or some other business wants you to perform for free so you can get exposure?

Or when a service that you're using to help you get results, asks you to submit your music for someone else to use for free exposure, only to hope that someone out there might take an interest in you?

Because here's the truth...

The music industry idea of "get enough exposure and eventually you'll make it" is a lie.

We all know the numbers in the music industry. For every single musician or band that gets discovered, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands that won't.

BUT - have you ever noticed that while you're grinding away and trying to get exposure, the industry always makes money?

That's because they play a totally different game and the secret is in the name. They are the music industry.

They don't "try to get their name out there". Instead, they operate businesses and go make money.

Now, don't get me wrong.

We are musicians, and for most of us money isn't the most important thing... but it is important; so much so that we spend our lives struggling to get it.

What I want for you and for every independent musician who is serious about being a career musician is to be able to make good money doing what you love, but that means a change in the way we operate.

My ultimate goal is to create an environment where an independent musician can create a successful career outside of the mainstream music industry.

My dream is to be able to see a kid get inspired by music, go out and make good money without the hoops and red tape of the modern industry, so that they can do whatever they want.

That is why I do what I do, and why I'm creating the Music Promoter - and you'll have a chance to help me.

Where other tools and services focuses on "getting your name out there", my team does the real work of professional marketers to help you get meaningful results.

Imagine being able to get:

  1. Real fans that follow you and share your stuff.
  2. Real people who will show up at your events and have a good time.
  3. Real customers who will buy your music and merchandise.

... without having to jump through hoops, or through a bunch of red tape, and without breaking the bank to do so.

That is what the Music Promoter is all about - getting you the results that create success.

And, while we are working behind the scenes to get you results, you will have access to training so you can become a more effective at marketing yourself.

Here is how it works.

Simply put, you fill out a form and tell us what you want marketed, then we market it for you, and you sit back and get the results.

It know that sounds "gimmicky", but it really is that simple.

Check this out...

When you log in to the members are, there will be six tools for you to choose from.

They are:

  1. Events
  2. Music
  3. Video
  4. Articles
  5. Press releases
  6. Gig Offers

The first five tools are publishing tools, meaning that when you add an item to that category, we will publish it across various networks and websites, and we will also place ads, perform search engine optimization, and more.

But here's the cool part. If you think of each tool as a category, then each category gets marketing in its own unique way.

Think about this.

Would you promote events the same way you promote an article? Or, would you treat music the same way you would treat a press release?

Of course not.

Events, music, video, articles and press releases are all unique and they have different marketing strategies that need to be applied in a specific way to get the best possible response.

For example, for events we will use local marketing strategies and target the people around the venue or your area who enjoy your genre of music.

For music we may run a social media campaign. For videos, we may run a media campaign. For articles, we may publish it to a blog network and target search engines.

That's what we do.

We examine and research your content and find the best possible way to market and promote each item.

Then we will market them in such a way that we get you the best possible response.

Gig offers work a little bit differently.

You know how musicians are always promoting to venues to try and find gigs? We reversed the process so that venues and business are chasing you.

It's kind of like a phone book or an online directory.

When you want to find what you need, you open the directory or phone book and search for what you need, right?

Plumbers, mechanics, lawn care... whatever. You get the idea.

Well, in today's music industry businesses are generally listed in the phone books and directories, and you have to chase them down;

You must solicit to them, and jump through all kinds of hoops playing, "pick me!".

What we are doing is creating our own directory, and actively promoting it to venues and various businesses, so when they need local talent or an act, they will find you.

I know that got kind of "techie" there, but that's how it should be.

You are the musician. It's your music. It's your talent. It's your creativity and hard work.

They are the ones who should come to you; not the other way around.

Here's what all this means for you.

It means that for the first time, probably ever, there is a tool; a resource that puts your success as a top priority, and a team that works for you behind the scenes to help you achieve your goals.

And the best part is that it's just the beginning!

As we speak, the Music Promoter is in the process of being built, and as it continues to grow, we will gradually add more and more tools and resources, training, and even opportunities (including paid marketing options) designed to help you grow and become more successful in your career.


Because the Music Promoter is still being built, there is a very good opportunity for you to not only benefit, but be a part of a something bigger, that will help musicians everywhere.

We want the Music Promoter to be the most effective tool musicians have, and for that to happen, it cannot be a tool - it must be your tool.

We want your feedback and input so we can build specifically to your needs.

In order to do that, you have two choices when you join the Music Promoter today.

  1. Join for free.
  2. Become a BETA user (paid, with amazing bonuses).

Why two options?

In a nutshell, the Music Promoter is in what we call a BETA phase, meaning that it's in a testing phase before everything is officially launched.

Software and gaming companies do this all the time however it's usually limited to a select number of people.

We are offering a BETA phase because ultimately you are the one that will be using it and benefitting from it. Your feedback is important to us.

Your feedback and ideas is valued, and will be used to make this tool more and more effective for you.

The other option is what was promised - a free membership.

What's the difference between being a BETA user and being a free user?

To understand that, you have to understand how the regular Music Promoter works.

The Music Promoter has different membership levels, (Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum), and on each level, you get access to one unlimited use tool, and one preview version of the tool on the next level, as well as training.

The first level is free, and you would get access to an unlimited event promotion tool, as well as access to a preview version of the music promotion tool.

A note about preview versions....

A preview version has the exact same functionality as the unlimited version, however there is a limit on how many items you can promote. We don't block any features, just how many items you can promote between preview and unlimited.

The next level up is Bronze, and you have access to unlimited event promotion and unlimited music promotion, since the preview version will upgrade and become unlimited.

At the same time, you will also get access to the preview version of the video promotion tool, (which is unlimited on the Silver level).

As you level up from free to Gold, you will continue to gain access to more unlimited promotion tools and unlock preview versions of the next level.

Finally, at the top-most level, Platinum, everything becomes unlimited.

Two things worth noting...

1. There are only six tools right now, and we as add more tools, there will be more available to you on each level.

2. Your membership fees are re-invested in you and getting you better results!

Where most every other company keeps fees for overhead and profit...We take roughly 20% of the membership fees you pay, and we invest it into paid marketing campaigns to help accelerate your results.

It is actually one of the reasons why we know our approach works so well.

Remember. We put your and your music first, not profit!

Okay. This is how BETA works.

Think of BETA like this...

It's kind of like test driving a prototype vehicle, where the company takes you behind the scenes and hands you the keys to a model car that isn't available to the public yet, so you can drive it and take it for a spin.

While you're driving, or after, you tell the company what your opinions are, what you like or don't like, and even give them ideas, so they can make changes and improve the car.

This is pretty much the same thing.

We are offering you unlimited access to everything to "test drive". Then you give us your feedback, which we will take (good and bad), and use it to improve and get you better results.

In other words, you get to be a part of the team and help us test, tweak, and design this tool to get you, and other members the best possible results.

Becoming a BETA user isn't free, but we need BETA users to help us test, tweak, and make our system better for when we do launch the official, final tool.

To make it worth your while to become a BETA user, we're prepared to go above and beyond anything you'd expect.

Here is what you'll get if you become a BETA user.

On the very top level of our program, Platinum, if you were to join the regular way, (starting with free and leveling up), the most anyone would pay is $40 per month, or $480 per year.

Even at that price, unlimited and professional marketing (including paid marketing), is a simply amazing deal.

Any other company would easily charge hundreds of dollars per month for a fraction of the services, (and they regularly do).

But we aren't going to charge you $480 dollars.

We aren't even going to charge you $240 dollars, even though 50% off would be a steal!

Instead, your cost today is just one-time $120 dollars!

That is an insane 75% off regular membership, and you get a full year of unlimited Platinum access!

That's an average of just $10 bucks per month for professional marketing!

That means you will receive:

  1. A Platinum-level Music Promoter membership.
  2. Unlimited access to all our tools and training.
  3. An entire year of professional marketing.
  4. And an amazing 75% exclusive discount.

But wait, there's more!

For a limited time, when you become a BETA user you will receive a special 25% off the monthly rate for a second year!

That means, when you join today you will get:

  1. A Platinum-level Music Promoter membership.
  2. Unlimited access to all our tools and training.
  3. An entire year of professional marketing.
  4. An amazing 75% exclusive discount.
  5. And another awesome discount on a 2nd year!

It is the best way I know to say thank you for helping me to realize my vision of creating an environment where any musician, can create a successful and rewarding career, without the red tape and hassles of the modern music industry.

I thank you for hanging out with me, I appreciate your time, and I look forward to serving you!

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